Mental Ian just came back from San Francisco and we put him back to work. Side note he paid 35 bucks for a roundtrip ride on craigslist!
The rig looking like a stinky pork.
Ryan Nyquist and the Bmx shredders just put it down at time square!
Long time shredder from Switzerland Fred Borel getting it done at Elian’s Trails, Manosque France celebrating Thomas Wullschlagers birthday upside down.
Happy Birthday to the Vice president of Switzerland freestyle.

Thomas Wullschleger
180 whip animation Dylan Stark doing it for the Take.
Dan Shredded new school nac nacs on the box and quarter!
The Bmx world is funny what sport has a competitor design the course? Bmx does I think it is super unprofessional for Ryan Nyquist to design the 1st stop for dew tour. No adult ran sport like supercross would let Bubba design the track.
If things like this don't get questioned and solved we will continue to not grow as a sport and be forced to deal with contest like the Nike Hb comp invite only no open qualifier . The Nike Hb comp needs an open qualifier . Email Nike and tell them so Cru Jones doesn't have to chop wood his whole life.
Summer camp in Newport Beach is completely sold out Wild!
That's all for now
Well we are dialing in the phone updated web site so be on the look for a ton of random updates.
Thanks to Ricky Vigil I can now keep the website up to date from my phone!

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