Newest member of the family her name is Lucky. My girl and I got a pup and she loves the snorkel spot. Lobster trap washed up from recent storm!
Brian Johnson has been on the California Trail Scene for over the past decade! You can catch Brian in Riverside shooting pictures at the trails or doing combo airs. Here is an interview with Brian Johnson and some great pictures with captions by the photographer himself and trail rider Riverside shredder!
Moon long exposure off the balcony!
What you can't see in this picture is the rider is trying a fix geared stoppy and is actually going kinda fast!
La Film Festival
Check out people in background!
Joey Cordova and Jon Cantrell sullen tm hanging at a team soil show!
Dan Plant
Cory Nastazio jam just aired on Vh1! Cory helped raise 10 g's for Stephen Muraay that night!
Surfer Mike is rep renting the original print Team Soil hand me down worn to my belly.

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