Well another day goes by and I can't stop thinking about Bmx. These days I dont lay tables as often as I should but I sill can get stripes on demand so all is good. Well Team Soil just did the Chicago dew tour and I am so stoked for Chris Fearless Hughes ,Dgaf Dan Norvell who got on the list because Dave Mirra put in good word, and the one and only Mike Hucker Clark. Team soil is on fire watch out cause you might get burnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Brennan 2009

Just had a blast with the Rv. Today is my BirthdayI turned 31. I had a blast over the past couple days and look forward to chilling out today. Mike Clark is going to be riding the mega ramp soon, watch out suckers. What else send in pictures or news. I am starting a new web site in the next month called chevy rebuilt so if anyone needs a motor and the site should be up in a few weeks.
Have Fun

May 26 2009

Welcome to barspinner.com 2009. This will make over ten years of web updates. This a huge sucess Mark Maligmat thought we would throw in the towel 9 years ago and still getting it done. This new site will be data base driven built by Ricky Vigil and his company http://www.Ineedtoupdatemywebsite.com
You can see that the pictures load very fast. This site is going to get updated a lot more with the new easy to use software. So big props to Ricky Vigil aka the ratt.
So Nasty jam is coming up soon I will be posting updates on that and Team Soil's plan asap.
Thanks for checking the site out!
Ryan Brennan